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Professional Video enhances image and drives engagement

Professional video

n. video produced to an appropriately high standard of quality.

When DIY video is not good enough

Do-it-yourself (DIY) video is easy and low cost. As a result, a great deal of good DIY video content can be seen on social media. However, businesses often ask us to make 'professional video'. What they mean is they want a video that looks and sounds better than a DIY effort.

Often, one of the reasons our clients want a professional video is that they want to be proud to share it. But, even more importantly, they want to increase engagement with their customers. And they love it when the videos we produce do just that.

In short, professional videos can enhance your brand image. They can also help build the confidence and trust of your customers in your business. In addition, professional video can drive interest to your business. Above all, professional video can ultimately lead to an increase in sales.

When high-end video is too much

Major video production studios can produce amazing, high-end 'Hollywood'-grade videos. But they can also be expensive, and can be overkill for what some businesses need.

While we produce high definition video, we are not a Hollywood film studio, so we don't demand a Hollywood budget either. So, if a client wants expensive, high-end video for TV or cinema, we refer them to the major video production studios.

We understand that your business needs to get every last dollar of value out of what you spend on. Consequently, we can help you get great value from cost effective professional video that helps build up your business.

Get the most out of your videos

We help our clients get the most out of their videos. To do this, we take care to really understand what our clients want to achieve up front. That, in turn, can significantly influence the rest of the video production process, and leads to a more effective outcome.

In general, our clients get one or more fully-edited professional videos as the final product. Additionally, they get an archive of raw footage which can be used in the future to create more videos. The videos and the raw footage are theirs to keep forever. So, they can use them as many times as they want in as many different ways as they want.

Finally, clients often become clearer on what they want to achieve as we guide them through our process. Therefore, the videos that they get in the end are even more effective than they originally thought they would be. 

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What can video be used for?

In essence, imagination is really the only limitation in using video!

For example, one of our clients wanted two campaigns with quite different objectives. However, we were able to re-use the same video footage in each campaign to give a cost-effective outcome. We did this by using different audio and visual effects to create different messages. In addition, we were able to provide still images from the video footage for their social media updates.

For another client, we produced a showreel of their end-of-year showcase event. We captured the best of each performance in the showcase by using a variety of cameras and camera positions. Then, we edited the performances into a feature-length movie that was sold as branded merchandise. Consequently, the audience, friends, family and the performers themselves could purchase a keepsake to look back on forever.

We created a promotional video for another client that lifted the professional image of their group. We used their brand message in a social media strategy to achieve greater reach than ever before. Our client's campaign was so successful that they attracted state-level attention for more projects.

Here are some other ways to enhance your image, increase engagement with your customers, and get a higher return for your investment in professional video:

Youtube Videos

Proudly share your professional quality videos and enhance your brand image.

LinkedIn Videos

Demonstrate the capability and professionalism of your business with quality videos.

Facebook Videos

Use dynamic Facebook banner or social media videos to increase engagement.


Take the sensory experience of visitors to the next level and enhance your online presence.


Drive interest to your business with engaging stories that appeal to your customers.

Training Videos

Supercharge the skilling-up of your people with video-based training programs.

Live events

Capture live performances on video for the repeated viewing pleasure of your customers.


Use video to grab and hold the interest of guests and give a presentation some 'wow' factor.


Showcase your business's excellent work and build the trust and confidence of your customers.

Professional video

Enhance your image, build engagement, inspire trust, and drive interest to your business.

Amplify your message

Curious to see if we can help you take your brand and marketing to the next level?

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